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We are extremely passionate about our delicious cultural Middle Eastern food, with a mission of sharing our food in high quality, healthy, vibrant, and sustainable way, and to connect people through food.

Our Team

We are hospitality professionals who grew up in different countries and communities, but the food, music, and values we were raised with are very much the same. We are here to connect people of different backgrounds through our shared flavors and our fun-loving atmosphere.  As bringing the community together is one of our biggest mission, it’s also in us as professionals to come together. In this new world, we wanted to share our human resources, natural resources, and material resources to come together and build a sustainable market.

Inon Tzadok | The Visionary & CEO

I was raised in the diverse and complex city of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful and powerful places on earth. My family emigrated to Israel from Yemen, and I was raised in a traditional Jewish-conservative home. The combination of both Hebrew and Arabic culture in my life, and my passion for food, music, and people have always inspired me to seek harmony and connections with no boundaries. Integrating my experience in both the Israeli hospitality field as well as my life experience, I'm excited to bring my story to you. Welcome to our Shuk Shuka family.

Yael Tzadok | The Baker & Beauty Maker

I have always enjoyed cooking, but my love and passion for it only began at age 21 when I moved into my first independent home and began to invite people over to fill the space. As I cooked for friends and family, I felt so much joy from getting to share laughter and food with my loved ones. As the years went by, my passion grew, with the love and support from other people eventually bringing me here, to sharing with you this food so that you can also share in this joy, bring this warmth into your home, and continue to spread it to others. I grew up in Israel, a country where there is a huge emphasis on food. The scent of spice from its variety of cultures all living under the same roof is quite an experience, but I only learned to appreciate it when I left for overseas.
(Btw - I'm also Inon's sister).

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