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SHUK SHUKA is a fine - casual bistro and contemporary kitchen inspired by our Israeli and Palestinian roots and culture. We offer delicious traditional dishes with a healthy, modern twist.

Shuk means market in both Hebrew and Arabic. A shuk is a lively place with numerous stalls selling fresh produce, mounds of fragrant spices, and anything else you can think of. The shuk is also often a social hub where people come to connect - we envision our shuk to be the same.

We welcome you and are excited to serve you in our Shuk.

Our team.

We are Israeli and Palestinian hospitality professionals who grew up in different communities, but the food, music, and values we that we were raised with are very much the same. We are here to connect people of different backgrounds through our shared Middle Eastern flavors and our fun-loving atmosphere.


Inon Tzadok, Founder

I was raised in the diverse and complex city of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful and powerful places on earth. My family emigrated to Israel from Yemen, and I was raised in a traditional Jewish-conservative home. The combination of both Hebrew and Arabic culture in my life, and my passion for food, music, and people have always inspired me to seek harmony and connections with no boundaries. Integrating my experience in both the Israeli hospitality field as well as my life experience, I'm excited to bring my story to you. Welcome to our Shuk Shuka family.


Mona Leena, Chef + Co-Founder

As a Palestinian-American, raised by Palestinian immigrant parents, I was always in the kitchen, watching in awe as my mother and grandmother created traditional Palestinian meals with incredible complexity. I knew this is where my soul was. With many years of food and hospitality experience under my belt, I have found my culinary voice in the food of my own culture. I feel I am both honoring its traditional roots, yet bringing forth flavor that is uniquely my own.

These days, I'm celebrating how food can foster connection across all cultures, and I'm using the culinary influence of my childhood as inspiration. My passion is bringing people together over a Palestinian-influenced seasonally driven meal, allowing Northen California's unrivaled bounty to speak for itself. This is my Shuk.


Odai Ammar, Co-Founder

I was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, by Palestinian parents from Ramallah, and I was always curious about my roots. I was nine when my family moved to Amman, Jordan, where we lived for six years. In Jordan, I was immersed in Palestinian and Jordanian culture, traditions and cuisines. I've always worked in the hospitality industry, mostly in restaurants. In San Francisco, I have found fulfillment in bringing people of diverse backgrounds together - I believe these relationships inspire people to reach their fullest potential. Come Shuk with us.


 food connects.